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How often do I need to charge the batteries?

Charge the batteries for a minimum of 14 hours after each use of the vehicle or whenever the vehicle begins to slow down. When the vehicle is not in regular use, charge the batteries at least once a month until normal use is resumed.

How much riding time should I get after charging the batteries?

You should get from one to three hours of riding time per charge. The riding time is affected by:
• the driving surface,
• passenger weight,
• the charge of the batteries,
• whether the vehicle is used intermittently or continuously,
• condition of the electrical switches and connectors,
• whether the vehicle is used in low or high speed,
• the temperature. •

What is the life expectancy of the batteries?

Battery life will vary depending on how well you follow the Charging and Battery Care Instructions. It's also affected by the total number of hours the batteries are used. Average battery life is one to three years.

Do the fuses have to be inserted into the batteries when I'm charging?

Yes! The batteries must have good fuses installed when charging and during use. If the fuses are missing, blown or if you are using the wrong type of fuse, the batteries will not charge.

How and when should I store my vehicle?

During snowy or rainy weather, the vehicle should be stored inside or under protective cover. Remember to charge the batteries at least once per month while your vehicle is not in regular use.